Stump grinding is a technique that arborists use to eliminate a stump without compromising the state of the ground. Many people need stumps ground on their property to avoid the risk of personal injury, and potential personal injury lawsuits from neighbors or visitors. Stumps are surprisingly dangerous things to have on your property. Not to mention, stumps aren’t very nice to look at. ​ If you need a stump removed, call our service to today to safely and properly get your stump ground down. 

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    The use of a stump grinder plays the major part in this process because it chips the stump into small pieces that are good to use as mulch or ground cover. Many people prefer stump grinding because it doesn’t involve the extensive construction of uprooting. Typically removing a stump includes breaking up the ground to pull out the root system. Breaking up the ground can create an even less safe area than the just having the stump. A stump grinder will deteriorate the remnants of the stump breaking it down into many slivered pieces.

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    Our team knows that unless you want to extensively remove the root system and have ongoing construction through your yard for days, you'll want to choose stump grinding. We ensure that there aren’t any holes in the ground and that the ground itself is stable.

    Unlike stump removal which can cause areas of your yard to become unsafe with air pockets and loose soil, stump grinding offers a safer solution, that takes less time and energy to complete.

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