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    Sambas Tree Services

    Call us today for tree trimming, removal, clearing, and even emergency tree services. We work hard to provide the best local tree service throughout the New England area and are available to homeowners, and property managers. ​ 

    We focus on maintaining your property with proper tree health and maintenance. Homeowners may spend hours each week caring for their lawn, only to let the trees on their property often go unnoticed. However trees do need a lot more attention than most homeowners have time to give them. Let us take care of your trees! From trimming to removal, our team has the tools and experience necessary for all types of tree work. Best of all we provide free estimates for all of our customers, and work hard to provide the best tree service Bridgewater MA has to offer. Call us today for a quote if you need tree removal, or tree trimming services.


    Tree care service from our Bridgewater team starts by ensuring every property owner of our credentials and the care our staff work with consistently. We are established throughout the Bridgewater and Taunton area servicing many neighborhoods and helping property owners make decisions about their yard. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide when to service your tree, schedule maintenance or whether to replace a tree after removal.

    With our staff helping homeowners we have crafted a well-established reputation within the South Shore region. Our first goal is to get your trees, hedges, and bushes into the best health possible. Then we move on to helping you know when to call us for emergency services, regular maintenance and how to assess your yard yourself.

    Tree services often include stump grinding to clear away unwanted stumps if you are doing landscaping. But, we're also pros at tree removal and clearing in the event that you need a little more land to work with. Our staff also work with bush and hedge trimming, remove or trim back branches, and provide tree evaluations.

    Tree evaluations are our free service which allows us to take a good look at the tree and assess for disease, rot, or imbalance. When a tree faces any of these problems, they can create issues for the property owner. Aside from the obvious fallen tree concern, disease and rot can attract insects that will eventually move on to infiltrating your home.

    Because we are concerned for the many homes throughout the wide New England area in Massachusetts, we offer tree evaluations for free and help homeowners identify when their trees need maintenance or services. ​


    ​​Tree Services Bridgewater aims to deliver a variety of tree services that can benefit the South Shore, Mass area. Our list of specialty services includes:

    Tree Cutting and Topping

    Our team of tree experts work hard at what we do. We are properly licensed and take all available safety precautions for every job. Our staff is well-trained and knowledgeable. Everyone here knows trees. Our tree team has the tools, equipment, and know-how to get any tree, hedge, or stump job done. But, we know that's not where tree care stops. Although we take care of the heavy lifting, grinding and trimming, we work with homeowners to identify tree issues for the future.

    The equipment we keep on hand for use in any job including emergency tree services includes tree chippers, bucket trucks, lifts, top-of-the-line chainsaws, and tree climbers. Our staff is trained to maintain and operate all of our equipment. They can help you know how to identify an emergency or necessary tree service, and they'll always come with the  tools to do the job right.  We take great pride in every service, job, and evaluation. Whether it’s pruning, removal, or a free tree evaluation service, your grounds will have our full attention. ​


    New England is well known for its foliage, and we can’t let that thriving plant life have a chance to die out without our trying to help keep it healthy! Call us at our Bridgewater tree services for any of your tree service needs. We provide a wide range of tree services including a free tree evaluation. ​

    If you’re ever in doubt of your tree’s health, you can simply call our offices or complete the quote form below, and we'll happily evaluate the tree at no cost to you. We also monitor trees during every routine pruning and spraying service. When you contact our Bridgewater tree pros for a tree service, you will get only top-quality customer service and knowledgeable staff. Call us now for a free quote!


    Many people are hesitant to call for tree removal because initially, it seems like a hassle. But, we make it easy when you call our Bridgewater tree services company. All throughout the New England Massachusetts area we provide tree removal on properties with fallen trees, dead trees, diseased trees, and infested trees.

    Tree removal is necessary for many reasons including:

    • Roots were growing towards or into the foundation.
    • A fallen tree is causing a personal injury risk.
    • Untreatable disease.
    • Untreatable insect infestation.
    • Excess damage caused by extreme weather.

    These are a few reasons why people find themselves calling tree removal company in Bridgewater MA. When you're looking at roots that are a threat to the foundation of the home or plumbing, there's not much that you can do other than remove the tree. Some people choose to relocate trees in these events if they have space on their property in a safe zone.

    Fallen trees and exposed stumps can lead to personal injury. Aside from dealing with the injury and recovery itself, these instances can lead to expensive personal injury lawsuits. As the property owner, you are liable for injuries caused by avoidable circumstances. Many people see tree removal as a safety precaution for their health, and the health of their neighbors.

    When a tree has a disease, damage or insect infestation, we will do everything possible to save the tree. However, when these situations are untreatable, we have to take steps to remove the tree. Tree removal in Massachusetts isn't as easy as uprooting the tree either. We must abide by city code and take strict safety precautions. In some cases, we will need to evaluate the property to identify any other diseased or infested trees that might need removal or treatment.

    If you start to see the signs of poor tree health, you need to call for a tree service right away. A decaying trunk, mottling, dead branches, and discoloration are all signs that you might need tree removal. Although this is a major task, you can often work with Tree pros to decide on creating safe grounding or replacing the tree.

    As the property owner, you have options in tree removal. Although a diseased tree may need to go, you can bring in a new tree which may be more suitable to your yard. Additionally, moving a tree because of its proximity to a structure can include simple relocation of the tree. Although you're not comfortable with having overgrown branches so near to your home, you can move the tree to a play area where the kids can enjoy the shade.


    Trees play a critical role in our environment, but they even play a large role in the smaller picture of your yard. Not only do trees on your property make your grounds look lusher and feel more natural but they can also increase property value.

    They can up the price of your home while also creating shade on summer days and refreshing the air that we all breathe. So how do you take care of your trees and why should you? Many homeowners have asked why a tree needs maintenance at all when they seem to do just fine on their own. That's the problem though is that many trees are tended for either by the city or county officials. Then in the wild trees have a full ecosystem of animals, insects, and the weather taking care of them.

    When you look at trees that are standing on their own in a backyard, they need a little help to keep thriving. Trees, just like indoor or garden plants do need regular pruning, fertilizing, and spraying.

    Pruning is the most common tree maintenance tasks, and many homeowners try to take this task on by themselves. However trained tree experts like our staff know how to encourage healthy branch growth and direct the growing direction away from nearby structures such as your home.

    "We had to remove a large number of trees off the property that were overgrown or dying. Considering how big the job was they gave us an excellent price and even included the stump grinding which made it much easier to plant grass afterwards." Jim O. Raynham

    "After I had a tree blow down onto my driveway this team was quick to respond and remove it for me at an affordable price. They did a great job. Highly recommended." - Elaine S. East Bridgewater

    "Solid work, great team and were a joy to work with. I've had experience working with other tree companies that left a mess, and ruined my lawn. Pleasant, efficient and professional when I hired them for trimming some large branches." - Kim T. Brockton

    Our Local Tree Service

    When you or a service is regularly paying attention to the trees branch growth patterns and general tree health you can get ahead of larger issues such as disease. The hazards that come with a problem tree can be costly to a person’s safety and the homeowner’s wallet. 

    Controlling tree growth, monitoring for disease, and keeping away bug infestations can help you keep the perfect image of a well-groomed property. With proper tree maintenance, or even just regular inspections you can prevent or reduce the risk of falling trees, or tree branches and full-scale house infestations. Don’t take these risks when they are so easily preventable. We offer a free tree evaluation service throughout New England to ensure that you have every chance possible to prevent these issues. 

    Tree care is important to your home’s value, visual appeal and the safety of everyone in the neighborhood. Tree care is the easy way to prevent damage and help cultivate a beautiful yard. ​​

    Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting!

    Most of us are usually on the go these days and life moves fast. When we need things, we need them now and done quickly. That is why we want you to contact us if you're looking up any of the following; tree service near me, tree removal near me, tree service companies near me, tree companies near me, tree removal service near me, or tree removal service, you know who to call! Our Bridgewater Tree Pros are right here and ready to help you out! 

    Areas We Service

    We provide our tree services to homeowners and businesses alike all across the Bridgewater area and surrounding towns. Give us a call today to inquire if you would like us to service your area. Towns included in our coverage include: Taunton, Bridgewater, West BridgewaterEast Bridgewater, Easton, Raynham, Halifax, Whitman, Hanson, Pembroke, Abington, Canton, Norwood, as well as Marshfield, Norwell, Hingham, Holbrook and Scituate. Our team is from the area and we are very familiar with the types of terrain, and types of trees that grow here. We have a lot of experience from small jobs to large jobs involving multiple tree removals and tree clearing jobs. Give us a call today for competitive pricing, quality work and friendly customer service! We love our customers!