Lightening, high-winds, damage from debris and more we service all manner of emergency tree situations. Our emergency tree services include a fast response to your residence with crews and equipment to handle any situation. ​

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    Steps for Emergency Success

    Although many people don’t imagine that they would ever need to call in professionals for emergency tree services, it happens. When a bad storm rolls in, your trees may take excessive damage. But, aside from a tree taking damage the tree itself could pose more risk to you, your family and your home.

    When our crews show up to any emergency tree service site, we always take the time to assess where the risk is the greatest. Our staff are well-trained and know how to identify the best course of action.

    Second, when we work with you to explain the best course of action, we'll begin tackling one task at a time. If it seems like the tree might pose safety risks, those aspects of the emergency receive immediate attention.

    Third, we’ll map out the possibility of the damaged tree causing property or structural damage to your home, or nearby utility poles or wires. We know how to work with utilities to ensure that your services resolve all the problems you’re having because of this damaged tree.

    Clean Up and Repairs

    We don't just respond to emergency situations to put address the major issues. Our staff keeps a close eye out for possible problems that could pop up after an emergency. We take our time to clean up the site, repair ground areas that could pose safety risks and suggest repairs for your yard if necessary.

    Contact Us for Emergency Tree Services

    Bridgewater Tree Pros responds quickly to any emergency tree service and with all the tools necessary. Our staff knows how important it is to handle high-stress and potentially dangerous situations with a cool head. Contact our office immediately for emergency services including damage from extreme weather or fallen trees.