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Professional tree trimmers at Bridgewater Tree Pros know how to identify branch growth patterns and assess dead limbs. Tree trimming can help your trees grow taller, correct mild leans, and grow away from nearby structures.

When we're tree trimming, we may use bucket trucks, high-powered chainsaws, lifts, and tree climbers. Our staff knows when to use the right tools and how to ensure the safety of everyone present at the site during their use. By implementing safe techniques learned during training and experience, we are able to climb any size tree and safely & correctly cut away unwanted, dead or diseased branches and limbs, ensuring the health and longevity of your trees

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    Tree Trimming Services

    Trimming Young Trees

    Young trees benefit the most from trimming because it allows them to gain greater structural balance for their mature years. Structural trimming should be part of every young tree’s life. Trees in residential areas don’t go through the same lifecycle that they would in the forest where they’d have other trees nearby competing for space and sunlight to encourage vertical growth.

    In residential areas, trees will often grow lopsided or leaning. Leaning trees or oddly shaped trees are a result of the tree not having any structural trimming during its younger years. Pruning or trimming trees will also encourage them to grow quickly.

    Younger trees are at risk of growing in odd proportions and trimming helps keep them focused on growing tall and straight. There’s also the benefit of mimicking the growth patterns that the tree would encounter in nature if it had a full ecosystem maintaining its form and encouraging growth.

    Trimming Mature Trees

    Unfortunately, trees lose limbs through their lifecycle and if we don’t remove dead or dying tree branches the health of the entire tree is at risk. Trimming mature trees will rely on thinning techniques and density planning.

    Although many homeowners are happy to trim trees themselves by cutting off whichever branches don't look so appealing, proper trimming requires much more planning. An arborist or professional tree surgeon will review a tree first to not only identify dead or dying branches but also to identify overly dense regions.

    To prevent emergency tree services, trimming mature trees will ensure that your tree has proper air flow between branches, and is less likely to fall under its weight during a heavy storm. The crown of a too dense tree will weight it down and during a storm may even give the wind enough leverage to uproot it entirely.

    When trimming mature trees lower branches may be cut or removed for structural integrity as well. The process of directing lower branches to sustain a solid structure is known as raising. Raising isn’t just good for your tree either. Raising is a technique that professionals use to improve the light conditions for the plant life surrounding or underneath the tree!

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    Whether your tree is young, old, or of a specialty breed such as a palm, Bridgewater Tree can address all of your trees trimming needs. We offer services that can help you proactively prepare for storms, improve the health of your trees, and build up the visual appeal of your yard. Call Bridgewater Tree Pros now, or complete our form here for a free quote!