Shrub Trimming Services

Often forgotten or neglected, a well-trimmed bush can complete the image of a perfect yard. Bushes and hedges overgrow easily, and because they grow so quickly, it causes many homeowners to throw in the towel and give up on ever having well-groomed greenery. But homeowners forget that they don't have to do everything themselves. Bush and hedge trimming are affordable. When you use a bush trimming or hedge trimming service like Bridgewater Tree you can be sure that your yard will always be in peak condition. No matter what you call it, shrub trimming or shrub pruning, bush pruning, hedge trimming or bush trimming, we can help you out! 

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    Why Get Your Hedges and Bushes Trimmed?

    Bushes and hedges are the perfect places for insects, and small creatures to nest. While you might be used to a neighborhood cat overrunning the street with kittens a few times a year, an unmaintained bush could leave you open to opossums, chipmunks, and skunks, not to mention any variety of insect.

    These small creatures and insects can easily progress from hedge to home if not properly controlled or eradicated. We’ll assess the health and ecosystem of your hedges every time we provide any service to your yard.

    Trimmed bushes can help you control and eliminate pest populations in your yard and prevent them from entering your home. Trimmed bushes and hedges will also improve your curb appeal and are likely to affect the value of your home.

    You don’t need extravagant topiary designs to impress your neighbors. Simply containing the hedges and bushes into a uniform, and natural shape will make a huge difference in your yard!

    Call in the Pros

    Call in Bridgewater Tree for regular scheduled maintenance of a one-time overhaul on your hedges and bushes. We’ll happily discuss your options for keeping your bushes and hedges in line and looking fantastic. You can call us today or complete the form here for a free Bridgewater Tree quote!