Prune Your Trees with Us!

As one of the smaller towns we provide tree service it, West Bridgewater is a great residential town with a close-knit community, great sense of family, and beautiful neighborhoods. It is a very green town with many trees for it's size, and also has a lot of natural wildlife. Many of the homeowners we work with have more than just a few trees on their properties, and with many trees comes the responsibility of caring for these large plants. We have a lot of experience dealing with larger trees and have the tools for the job. Our bucket trucks and climbers can reach any level, and can remove any size branch or tree that needs to be cut. We are always happy to help out new customers and if you have trees that need tending please reach out to us anytime, either by phone or via the contact form on this website. We provide tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, brush pruning, and firewood cutting as well. 

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    Tree Removal

    If you are in West Bridgewater and looking up "tree removal near me" on your smartphone, you've landed on the right spot! We are located right in Bridgewater and have been working with the local residents for many years. Our tree removal service is well priced, affordable and best of all gets the job done right with your safety in mind. Tree removal West Bridgewater is one of our strongest skills and favorite areas to work in. Our company is fully insured, and we take great care to cut down trees the right way following safety protocols so as not to cause any unwanted damage to persons or property. From trees large or small that need to be removed, please give us a call today for prompt friendly service at a well priced tree removal cost. 

    Tree Trimming

    A large portion of the work we do involves tree trimming, and we trim many trees in West Bridgewater, as well as in the surrounding towns. Cutting large or small branches away to clear unwanted, damaged, dangerous or diseased areas of a tree is a big part of tree care. Call us today if you are looking up "tree trimming near me" and need a great tree company in West Bridgewater to be quick to respond, provide fast friendly and affordable service, and get the job done the right way. We take extra care not to damage your property but working with experienced tree service experts and tree climbers that have been trained. Our insurance policy covers all aspects of what we do as well. Take a moment to give us a call if you need tree trimming done for your trees in West Bridgewater, and as always we offer free estimates to all our customers so they can plan and budget accordingly for tree trimming. Thanks for considering our services and we look forward to working with you!